At EM & Co, we value quality, design, and lasting style above short-lived trends, and see clothing as a means of self-expression, creativity, and well-being. 

We bring together a well-researched mix of local and global brands, established and emerging talent, and incredible makers and artisans, and are very excited to share their stories and beautiful creations.

We believe in keeping the ‘style’ in ‘lifestyle’, and that being eco-conscious will help us fully appreciate the value of objects that surround us, as well as our inner beauty.

Our mission: provide an inspiring, uplifting, and enriching experience.  As we’ve always said: “our customers always walk out with something — a shopping bag, a kind word or useful piece of information, or with a spring in their step.” 

We aim to build a vibrant community around us and find ways to give back and be of service to  our brands and clients, and continue to pursue excellence in everything we do, as we learn from the past and evolve into the future.